About the Brand

Skin Fairy JA emerged from a moment of nostalgia, inspired by the endearing nickname “Fairy”, bestowed by a beloved grandmother and a lifelong fascination with all things mythical and fantastical. Driven by a passion for skincare and a quest to bridge a knowledge gap in the market, Skin Fairy JA became a beacon of quality products and expert guidance. Through a journey of aesthetic exploration, the brand found harmony between minimalism and vibrance, embodying both cleanliness and personality.

At Skin Fairy JA, we are more than just a skincare destination; we are your skin’s best friend. With a curated selection of products and ingredients, we strive to educate and empower our customers, fostering healthy, glowing skin that you love to wear. From skincare essentials to beauty accessories and thoughtful gifts, Skin Fairy JA is your trusted source for all things skincare and self-care, dedicated to delivering satisfaction and radiance with every purchase. 

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Our Mission

Skin Fairy JA is dedicated to redefining natural skincare through education and transparency. Our mission is to empower individuals on their skincare journey by offering solution-based products and fostering rituals of self-care and self-love. As your trusted source, we believe in the benefits of all skincare ingredients, providing expert guidance to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Our Vision

Our vision at Skin Fairy JA is to set a new standard in skincare, where accessibility, sustainability, and premium experiences converge. We aim to be the go-to destination for all skin and body care gift-giving needs, with products available in stores islandwide. By investing in sustainable, premium-looking packaging, we strive to elevate the skincare experience and make every unboxing a delight.

skincare hero
skincare hero

Our values

At Skin Fairy JA, our values guide everything we do:

  • Commitment to Knowledge: We believe in continuous education and transparency, ensuring our customers have the information they need to make informed skincare choices.
  • Transparency: We are committed to honesty and transparency in all aspects of our business, from ingredients to processes.
  • Ethically Sourced Ingredients: We prioritize using ethically sourced ingredients to create high-quality, effective skincare products.
  • Innovation: We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of skincare innovation, constantly seeking new ways to improve and enhance our products and services.
  • Quality: We are committed to providing the highest quality skincare products that deliver visible results and promote skin health.

Meet the Team


Tiffany Serena Maragh

Founder & Creative Director

"The secret to achieving healthy glowing skin is to first, know your skin type and your skin's needs, only use products that benefit your skin type and targets your skin's needs, then you must be consistent. Consistency is what makes the difference. Lastly, remember sunscreen, you spend too much money on skincare just for the sun to un-do everything"

About Me

My skin type is normal to dry which means I get acne less frequently however, my pores are visible and my skin has textural irregularities. 

Due to my skin type, I tend to use chemical exfoliants and intense hydrating products. My top products are glycolic acid toner, 100% Centella Ampoule and Hyla-Cica Sunfit Sun Cream. 

Skin Fairy is my baby, so I am biased. Nonetheless,  I love that Skin Fairy offers guidance when it comes to choosing the right products for each individual. 


Janine Squire

Co-Founder & Lead Business Strategist

My skincare advice would be long of lines of anti-aging...Incorporate a retinol or retinoid product into your nightly routine. Retinoids are clinically proven to boost collagen production, increase cell turnover, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Start with a low concentration to minimize irritation, and always follow up with a moisturizer and sunscreen during the day, as retinoids can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. I can speak on this as I'm in my late 30's and people have a hard time believing me.

About Me

My skin type is wild, I have Oily, Sensitive, Pigmented and Wrinkle Prone Skin. 

AM – Cleanse, Discoloration Serum, Moisturize and Apply Sunscreen
PM – Scrub (3x per week), Granactive Retinoid and Apply Eye Cream

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